– Satya..1998

Directed by RGV

Written by Anurag Kashyap and Music by Vishal Bharadwaj  

rohit SAYS,

 A lot of movies which are usually considered classics or cult movies in the Indian movie world seem like they are nothing more than normal films or ‘moderate film making’ if you watch them now. Mostly the Johar and Chopra love stories such as ‘Kabhi Kabhi’ and ‘DDLJ’ for instance seem like a big ugly joke upon our own movies to consider such films as classics. However, the Benegal, Ray, Mrinal, Guru D, BN Reddy, Nihlani, Mira, Bharatiraja, Balachander, Mani R, D Mehta and RGV to name a few have actually made movies that we can be proud to present as ‘Indian Cinema’ to the world.

    A movie tagged as classic shouldn’t be something at which you laugh at after 10 years or any number of years for that matter. The movies can have a rather slow pace or a few scenarios which might not engage the new age watcher, but still, should prove with every scene that there is something special about it, even though the viewer doesn’t quiet comprehend what’s so unique about it.

   It’s been ten years so far and let another 20 pass and ‘Satya’ can never be taken off the classic rack just like the Godfathers  or the Raging Bulls of Hollywood. The best thing about the film is the fiction storyline and the realism of the scenes with the proper Mumbai slang blabbered throughout the movie.

The movie brings out its finesse with one of the first few lines of its narration when Satya (JD Chakravarthy) walks out of the Mumbai railway station as the narration goes:

इस्सि महौल मे कहि से एक आद्मि आया.”

“Into this atmosphere came a person from somewhere.”

   The movie impresses you with almost every one of its department. With camera work, the costumes, dialogue, edit ,music, character names, montage, acting, choreography, plot, the cast (Bajpai playing Bhikhu in particular)  and of course the direction.

   The affectionate gangsters with the uncertain life spans just won’t let your eyeballs roll off theSatya screen for a single second. The Satya-Bhikhu conversation about why life makes sense all of sudden because there is someone waiting for you back home and in Satya’s case is his girl next door – Vidya (Urmila). This scene will be making it to the top 5 if I were to make a list of ‘Best Movie Conversations (ever)’.

   I don’t want to give away any part of the plot. Not because there is a massive twist to it or anything , but, just coz I want everyone to be as mesmerized by the film as I was.

   The movie clearly shows that it is a source of inspiration to almost every gangster movie made in India from then on. In other words the movie had become a genre.

Rating – √√√√1/2 -missing this is a crime


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