– Josh..2009

 Written and Directed by Vasu Varma

rohit SAYS,

   Josh is not a great film nor is it an unbearable watch. The movie’s got a pretty tight screenplay. In short it is an average Masala entertainer. No need for the brain and 3 hours of ‘not getting bored’. 

   Satya (played by Nagarjuna’s Son) moves to Hyderabad from Visakhapatnam coz there was a dark past which is later revealed (something very new right!!). The female lead played by Radha’s daughter is a school teacher at 17 because her elder brother is scared about what might happen to her in a college atmosphere filled with politics and rowdies.

   Satya goes about minding his own business until he encounters a traffic jam caused by a bunch of politician influenced students. He files a complaint in the police station and from then on the students involved with the case and the politician behind all this (JD played by JD Chakravarthy) comes into light and the remainder of the first half is they trying to scare Satya out of the town and Satya cleverly escaping every time.

   The second part of the movie is Satya joining the same college in which all the rowdy studentsjosh _ naga chaithanya involved with the case are studying and trying to change their attitude towards life with his own brainy ways. A pretty good flashback about Satya’s kickass college life in Visakhapatnam  and a scheduled fight ends the movie.

   The movie isn’t path breaking or new in any department. The reason I’ve written a whole passage about star kids is because a better cast would have certainly helped the movie.

Rating – √√1/2 – Better than the recent Chiranjeevi son’s movie


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1 Response to – Josh..2009

  1. anoora says:

    I would like to say tht on the whole the movie was not at all appealing. I would like to take on the director as he put a lot of pressure on the new cast and himself as well. The movie was never going to be the way he expected and more than the entertainment part, the message part was given much more importance and the protagonist never showed up to create the magic. the characterizations were pretty much lame and Naga Chaitanya didnt have a hero look at all. he looked like an ass when he was walking across the silver screen. at last “nenu eppudu okka cinema chudala vaddha ani cheppanu kani meru ee cinema chusthe matram adhi me karma ani matram cheppagalanu”.

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