– Cidade De Deus(City of God)..2002

Language : Portuguese

Directed by Fernando Meirelles

rohit SAYS,


Most certainly one of the most capturing and stylish narratives of all time.

The multi story pattern of the film quite easily dwarfs even the Hollywood greats of the similar genre such as ‘Crash’. The director Fernando Meirelles is a combo of Guy Ritchie when it comes to style and a Frank Darabont of narratives.

   Set in ‘Rio De Janerio’ the movie is “far away from what the city looks like on a postcard” as quoted by ‘Rocket’, the film’s narrator and one of its central characters. Crime, drugs and the slums are the screenplay’s basic vicinity.

   The movie opens with Rocket getting caught up between the local hoodlums and the police as the movie spins back 30 years into the sixties. From there on the movie keeps travelling at an unbelievable pace until it reaches the same scene towards the end of the movie.

   Just three minutes into the sixties and Rocket’s childhood the movie shoots into ‘The story of the Tender Trio’. And from then on the movie keeps breaking into the lives of various characters in the neighbourhood and once the character dies, it either moves into the life of the character who killed the previous one or into the story of ‘the deal’ responsible for the killing.

   The makers have done a great job of not glorifying crime even though thecity-of-god3jpg whole movie is filled with super trendy gun shots. Coz there is always a character telling us what happened to the guy who killed somebody the previous day. Even though the movie does have a lot a characters and numerous sub plots to keep you interested, the story of ‘Li’l Dice’ takes centre stage.

   Li’l Dice is the guy who always wanted to rule the slums at any cost. Dice quenches his initial thirst for killing at a motel hold up and from then on never thought for a moment before he plugged somebody in the head.

   The movie, though a Portuguese film had been nominated for four academy awards including ‘Best Director’.

Need I say more.

Rating – √√√√1/2 – bloody cool


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