– Eenadu..2009

Directed by Chakri Toleti

Cinematography by Manoj Soni  

rohit SAYS,

A very essential heads up you need to get before you watch this film is ‘not’ to expect a highly detailed Kamal Hasan film. Coz even some of the basic details have not been taken care in this South Indian remake of ‘A Wednesday’.

   The plot is very much the same except for a few minor changes here and there. The best ingredient of the Hindi version and the thing this film misses the most if the tempo and of  course it also lacks a Naserrudin Shah.

   Kamal plays a ‘Common Man’ who plants a few bombs in the city and threatens the police that they’ll detonate if 4 of the most wanted terrorists are not released by the day’s end. It is surprising that Kamal hasn’t done enough research or the fact that Kamal had missed the main essence of his character. What Naserrudin Shah had pulled off most effectively is not sounding like a pro at what his character does in the film. Whereas Kamal did sound a little out of place or did not sound like a ‘common man’.

   Not only Kamal, but also Venkatesh (playing Anupham Kher’s role) and the other new comers who’veeenadu Movie Wallpapers played the roles of Jimmy Shergil, the married cop and the TV journalist have added to the movie’s amateur acting look. New director Chakri Toleti couldn’t get the best of any of his actors or the technicians if we are talking about the film’s music composer – Shruthi Hasan. Lakshmi playing a character which was not there in the actual version was the only one who had done a fairly decent job.

   Putting aside the acting part of the movie, the film did have an amazing visual (thanx to the RED cameras) and a satisfactory edit.

   If you’ve seen ‘A Wednesday’ there is absolutely no point in watching this film, in case you haven’t done the former you might consider doing the latter. Coz at the end the feature does have an amazing plot.

Rating – √√ – Quite a dissapointment

Trivia – Remember the fat kid who takes pictures of Kamal in the 80’s feature ‘Sagara Sangamam’. That kid is the director Chakri.

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