– Inglorious Basterds..2009

Language : French, German and English

Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino

rohit SAYS,

I’ve recently bought the Dark Knight DVD and it had become a bit of a routine for me to watch some scene or the other every single day. And consequently my appreciation for the minute details of the film and my love for Nolan had been multiplying at quite a rate. My mind had been pushed to a state in which by comparison other celebrated directors seem like kids trying to make something to quench their juvenile fancies. When I say ‘celebrated’ directors, some of the names which strike the head instantly are Tarantino, the Coens, Paul Greengrass and a few others of the ‘path breaking’ mob.

Now, I’ve seen the new film of ‘QT’ and the film reminded me about what cinema is famous for – diversity. It is this diversity among different makers of the world that makes films a celebration everyone would love to be a part of. And hence what I’ve been trying to  tell you guys is that “this film had taken 3 hours of my time and turned it into something wonderful”.

The film is a Tarantino drama which takes place in the Nazi occupied France. You can expect all the usual ingredients this ‘Jackie Brown’ provides – dirty dialogue, gallons of blood, humour which never seems out of place and lots of screen text.

Chapter 1:

A German officer (Christopher Waltz) popular for hunting down Jews, a French diary farmer’s house, a long dialogue and slaughter to end the cahpter.

The movie in all is split into 5 chapters which include the ‘Basterds’ story – a group of American Jews headed by Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt) are out to kill as many Nazis as possible. The other chapters of the film include a German war hero and a movie to be made about his achievements (killing 400 odd Americans all by himself) and his love for a French theater owner.

As the film progresses a plan to kill most of the high ranking officers of the Germaninglourious-basterds military is planned. One of the best scripting strokes is this plan being contemplated by two parties without each other’s knowledge.

The film is not all blood like ‘Kill Bill’ nor is it a predominantly conversational film like ‘Pulp Fiction’. It is a very well planned mixture of two genres Tarantino had previously created.

Rating – √√√√ – the best Hollywood film since ‘the dark knight’.

Christopher Waltz had won the Best Actor at the Cannes film festival for his role as SS.
Golden Globe Nominations – Best Picture, Best Director, Best Suppporting Actor and Best Original Screenpaly.
Oscar nominations – Best picture, Best director, Best supporting actor, Best cinematography, Best sound mixing, Best editor, Best sound editing and Best original screenplay.

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One Response to – Inglorious Basterds..2009

  1. anoora says:

    boy o boy! this is a damn good fiction and I totally agree with the last para of the review.This movie is a must watch although u need to be a bit of a cruel person to enjoy some of the comedy and the whole of action sequences.
    watch it for sure…… A different film with conception.

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