– Wake up Sid..2009

Directed and co written by Ayan Mukerji

rohit SAYS,  

 Last Friday I’ve read an interview of the film’s director – Ayan Mukerji. And in some part of the interview he reveals that he is more of a 90s guy and loves DDLJ. And as everybody knows the guy is also a Karan Johar assist. So, my disgust towards DDLJ and Karan Johar kept me away from the film for the past week. But, I would have regretted a lot if I had missed this movie while it was still in the cinemas.

   The very first scene of the film itself where Sid clears his study table of comics and tries studying for an exam instantly captures your attention. Sid, his group of friends, his parents and his rich habits are introduced through the first few minutes of the film. This movie surely reminds us all that even a predictable screenplay can be interesting if you’ve got occupying scenes and good actors.

   Sid, who’s got an eye for photography keeps clicking away at his farewell party when he finds something interesting sitting on the stairs outside the party. Which is the film’s female lead and my favourite part – Ayesha played by Konkana Sen. After a little chat and a stroll Sid learns that Ayesha had arrived in Bombay that morning to experiment with in-dependence and a writer career.

   Sid’s dad – Ram Mehra (Anupham Kher) keeps pushing him to come to the office coz he’s done with his graduation. Shades of Hrithik’s lazy version from ‘Lakshya’ and Aamir from ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ can be spotted in Sid’s character. However, because of the film’s overall freshness this can be concluded as a mere coincidence.


   Sid failing in his exams and deciding to leave the house after a heated dispute with his dad ends the first segment of the film. From then on how Sid finds something he likes doing and how the Ayesha – Sid relationship takes a few smooth turns to end up in a predictable end consumes the next hour.

   No melodrama, no songs and no major bolts from the blue. Just a simple narrative and super mature Ranbir Kapoor performance. That would be my summary of the film.

 Rating – √√√1/2 – Karan Johar is at least a good producer


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1 Response to – Wake up Sid..2009

  1. Tanay says:

    I completely agree. Nice review. I too had low expectations before I entered the theater and left the place thinking it was above expectations.

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