– Mahatma..2009

Directed by Krishna Vamsi

rohit SAYS,  

 Song visuals, human relations and Nandi awards are a few things Krishna Vamsi is popular for. Another thing which he is popular for is ‘the losing of his head once in a while’ and this time he’s totally lost it.

   The movie is a terrible attempt to show how the Ghandian ideology inspired a rogue to change the face of modern day politics. Dass (played by Srikanth) is your typical angry young man who often gets into fights for some or the other reason. The point that drove ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’ to such critical acclaim is without doubt the subtlety with which Hirani dealt with the Gandhi influence on a Mumbai Bhai.

   And Vamsi here was a mile away from subtle emotions and scenes. In fact this is one of the loudest films I’ve ever seen. All your previous conceptions about ‘KV’ will be erased in a jiffy with this film. I thought the fellow is pretty well read and aware of the things around him, you can also have a similar opinion because of his previous directorial outings like Sinduram and Anthapuram for instance. But, some of the details and the points he was trying to make through this film were just downright stupid and pseudo.

   Well getting back to the plot, the female lead played by Bhavana is a lawyer by profession and meets Dass for the first time in a bail issue. The girl is definetly a relief from the non-Telugu looking skin show girls. But, the film didn’t have anything promising to offer her.

   A local politician (Jaya Prakash Reddy) and a real estate big shot (Jyothy) set the film’s basic premise over a land dispute. The politician’s character is something you always get – two face. Dass’s petty land dispute with the politician’s son ends up with Dass becoming a part of the politician’s followers. Hunger strikes, the ugly side of politics and the Mahatma impact on Dass fill in for the rest of the tale.

  2008 A character who dresses up as one of Andhra’s iconic personalities everyday is one good idea which again couldn’t’ make the desired brunt because of over doing it. Bad sets, awful music and terrible editing have further ruined the film. 

The picture loaded opening title sequence is the only thing I’ve mildly enjoyed.

   A lot of issues were addressed, none of which had considerable screen time nor good scripting which ended up as unnecessary add-ons to an incomplete script.

Rating – √ – a loud melodrama


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