– “Is watching cinema on the big screen catching up?”

rohit SAYS,

It is not something you haven’t thought of or would think of if asked, “drawing people to the big screen is a multi agent act.”

      Multiplexes, the occasional brainy films, large releases and easier ways of booking tickets are a few reasons you might tell when you meet the question – “why is the number of big screen audience increasing?”

   Talking about the factors in particular…Multiplexes have surely made an impact on the kind of films made today. I’ve heard from an industry source that a good opening weekend in Mumbai after the arrival of the multiplexes is somewhere around 7-8 crores. So, what does a producer has to lose if he’s invested in an offbeat film, if he can market it well enough to draw the mass at least for the opening FRI, SAT and SUN. Dev D is one classic example of a rather risky investment (being a movie that orbits around sex and drugs). UTV was the first in line to use the mantra of mega marketing for the ‘opening’ and this is one of the main reasons for the number of nifty and trade good movies they’ve produced.


   Then, the occasional brainy film. There has always been a chunk of English movie goers who would rarely watch Indian films. So, the once in a while good movie had drawn the attention of this group of film goers and also fooled them into believing that Indian cinema had something similar to offer every weekend which did help the box offices of the metros in particular.

   Finally and perhaps most importantly it is the large and grand scale upon which much of the high budgeted films are released. From our very own ‘Magadheera’ to almost every other star studded film of Bollywood are hitting a screen number in excess of 1500.  Which makes it rather easy to catch up with a movie on the first few days. This is of grave importance, because before the gossip is out as to how terrible a movie is, the producers need to transact as many tickets as possible which of course is complimented by the newer and easier ways of booking tickets.


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