– Ek Niranjan..2009

Written and Directed by Puri Jagannath

rohit SAYS,

Conformist : Someone who conforms to established standards of conduct.

   A good looking leading pair (whatever their backdrops), 5 songs (in an age old established order), plenty of fights, a totally disconnected comic sequence and the rest. This is what a South Indian ‘Film Conformist’ conforms to. And amongst this generation’s directors, Puri is one such typical example.

   Chotu’s (Prabhas) stolen from his parents when he was about 2 years old and how he got back to his parents and what happened along the way is the one liner of the movie.

   Chotu grows up to be a police helper (sort of). He brings in the guys on the wanted list and gets paid for that. And then there is Sameera (Kangana), a music teacher by profession. Coz, the profession of the aerobics instructor had already been used by the maker.

   Sameera’s brother is on the wanted list and when Chotu attacks him in hisEk-niranjan-wallpapers4 house he meets Sameera for the first time. And after a few not so interesting scenes the conformist’s clichés take over their story. The only relief in this weary film is Johnny Bhai played by Sonu Sood.  Sonu’s got the better lines in the film, he’s got the better looks and as you all know he is a better actor compared to the Young Rebel Star (Seriously, YOUNG REBEL STAR).

   The killing of a minister by Sonu’s gang and the association of the minister’s nephew or whatever with it brings the gang, Chotu, Sameera and the rest of the characters into one plot.

   The title track and Sonu Sood are the ONLY things to look forward to. And in case you wanna see how Kangana can be picturized in the ugliest manner possible, you should watch this.

Rating – √√ – Puri’s occasional wit with the dialogue brush tried saving the film


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