– Aarya 2..2009

Directed by Sukumar

Cinematography by R.D.Rajasekhar  

rohit SAYS,

Of all the ‘preciously spoilt star kids’ taken care of by their daddies and uncles, Allu Arjun continues to be one of the well nurtured ones. His movies seem to interest even the members of the ‘WE HATE STAR KIDS CLUB’.

   This sequel delivers something very similar to what the original had in 2004 -illogical fun . The opening credits which reveal that the director had not taken part in the screenplay and dialogues of the film was very refreshing. It was about time a bit a specialization hit this commerce tainted industry.

   Getting to the plot, Aarya(A Arjun) and Ajay(Navdeep) are good friends at an orphanage. They decide to leave the judgment  to a coin as to who should be adopted by a rich business man. Aarya sacrifices his win for his only friend and the film cuts to about twenty years later when Ajay is running his foster dad’s company and Aarya is a jobless vagabond. Aarya asks Ajay to employ him at his software company and for that Ajay insists that he needs to be ‘good’ and his current way of life would not be allowed.

   Aarya does the needy to meet with Ajay’s demands and acts like ‘mr.perfect’ from that day on. However, the appointment of Geetha (Kajal) and both Ajay and Aarya liking breaks the act Aarya had been putting up for Ajay’s approval. The similar triangle one had experienced in Aarya 1 takes the remainder of the first half. But, the bend to the plot comes when its revealed that Geetha is from a faction locale and Subbi Reddy (played by Ajay) is engaged to marry her to bring peace to the whole district of Rayalaseema.  

   From then on the tricks Aarya planned to win his lady love is what’s left of the tale. Of the cast Ajay playing the sensitive factionist steals the show even though he had little screen time.

   The tracks for the feature were well composed and helps the film to maintain an attractive pace. The song visuals were well worked upon, but, you can clearly spot that they lacked the soul. There was too much of jumping around and less of the breezy experience Aarya 1 had. The cinematography was a real treat, particularly the way it captured the wide outdoors in the second half.

Rating – √√√ – a real quick second half


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2 Responses to – Aarya 2..2009

  1. anoora says:

    I agree with the first three lines of the review….. I watched this movie and Allu Arjun was a treat. Mr Perfect song justifies the “style star” title of Arjun. The movie was good (inspite of its shabbie climax) and its the 3 protagonists all the way. Watch it, “its a fun movie” and wicked too…

  2. Rajesh says:

    What i like in this movie is the song uppenantha premake

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