– Salaam Cinema (Hello Cinema)..1994

Language : Persian

Written, Directed and Edited by Mohsen Makhmalbaf

rohit SAYS,

How many filmmakers in the World had films made about them and books written about their works. Of the very few names I can think of,  Mohsen Makhmalbaf is a better example. This renowned Iranian director has some of the greatest experiments attached to his catalogue of films.

   And of the few films I’ve seen of his, my favourite experiment is ‘Salaam Cinema’. This according to the maker is a tribute to 100 years of cinema.

   Makhmalbaf had given a small advertisement in one of the local newspapers that auditions will be held for his upcoming film. But, what even Mohsen couldn’t predict was the number of people who had turned up for the try-outs. The crew only had 1000 applications made for the occasion which turned out to be 8 times lesser than the crowd that had landed there.

   But, what no one could understand was what happened on the audition floor. Mohsen was not trying to select people for his upcoming project, the auditions themselves were the project.

   Mohsen was trying to make attention-grabbing auditions and use the emotions of the try outs as the script material for his film.

A guy who pretended to be blind, a lady who wanted to star in the film just so that her visa would be approved and she could get out of Iran to get together with her love and plenty of other such episodes are a part of this 70 minute edit of the auditions wherein every single try out had fascinating stories and reasons of why they wanted to act or star in the film.

Rating – n/a – Its real people and real emotions


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