– Rocket Singh..2009

Directed by Shimit Amin

Written by Jaideep Sahni.       Edited by Arindam S Ghatak.

rohit SAYS,

It was about two months back when I was in my room working on the computer. When a friend of mine was watching ‘Chak De India’  on the TV and I could hear the sounds from the film. The sounds of the film were such that I was enjoying it as much as watching the film. That was the kind of impact a detail obsessed filmmaker like Shimit Amin can have on his viewers (or listeners) and he almost pulled of a similar feat with ‘Rocket Singh’.

It’s not gangsters or controversial real events this time. It is a simple tale of a middle class boy who believes in the human side of sales. Harpreet Singh (Ranbir) is a below average boy with his school and college academics and the only thing he’s sure about is his ability to sell which takes him to a local computer sales and services firm.

Harpreet lives with his grandad (played by a comeback making Prem Chopra) and he had been brought up in a god fearing atmosphere which had always taught him not to reside with ill means of making money. Initially, what Harpreet believed in doesn’t bring him any success in the business circuit and also gets him into trouble just 10 days into the job.

Soon the work place becomes hell-like with insults from his boss and colleagues for one of his principled acts. The company’s receptionist (played by Guahar Khan) gives Harpreet a client’s number to help him out of the ditch. Dealing with this client (Shazahn Padmasee) Harpreet learns about the cost structure and other details of the computer sales business.

The rest of the film is about how Harpreet manages to set up his own firm within the walls of his current office and what kind of changes that brings about to his life and the lives of his 4 colleagues taken in as partners.

The film’s script writer had controlled the pace of the film in a way you might miss to pay attention to. A middle class life is usually at a practised pace, nothing too quick or too slow. But, when something negatively significant happens to a regular joe at work..the pace of life hits a sudden brake. Whether this was totally planned by the writer or a sub-conscious act, it was my favourite part in the film.

The next best segment of the film is the well defined and engaging characterisation. We have the foul mouthed boss, the clever and sneaky sales manager, the porn crazy computer expert, the hot-married receptionist and other entertaining personalities. Harpreet is just one of the many well scripted characters of the film. Except for a few clichés towards the end, this film is engaging at an attractively interesting pace.

Rating – √√√1/2 – do observe the way the makers have fun with simple details.

Pocket mein Rocket.

This review of Daskino had won the ‘readers review contest’ of Rajeev Masand’s show on CNN IBN.


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