– Kadha..2009

Directed by Srinivas Ranga

Produced by Just Yellow

rohit SAYS, 

  I think this film has one of the best suited titles as compared to most of the recent films. Not because it has a path breaking story or anything,  but, coz the other departments of the film are so under worked. Except for the story, this film has nothing else to flaunt.

   The film like a bunch of other films in the recent past essentially circles around a mental health situation of its protagonist (Genelia playing Chitra). Genelia arrives at a hill station to apply for a teacher’s job. The reason she gives to her new acquaintances about why she chose this job when she’s eligible for much better are believable lies to hide her past.

   Then we have the male lead (a new fellow). An aspiring writer and director stuck at one point (the love episode) of his thriller script. His friend cracks to him that just like any other emotion, love is something one has to experience prior to writing about it. Under a badly scripted circumstance he sees Chitra and instantly breaks into a boring song about how love feels and the other blah blahs of love.

   The only thing admirable about the script is the establishment of the quiet and friendly small town characters. Prakash Raj playing a local circle inspector, the school principle and others.

   The film slooooooowly moves towards Chitra witnessing a murder on the quite hill station and how this event brings back her dark past memories. The film’s got a very typical narrative pattern of the thriller genre – Events creating a confusion about who the actual killer is and answering the tangle with the person you would least expect.

   If not for the sluggish screenplay, the  overdone sound and the ignorable performances the film would have been decent enough. If you are big fan of Prakash Raj and have nothing else to do, you can wait for the DVD.

Rating – √ – slow and cliched


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