– Avatar..2009

Written, Directed, Co-produced and Co-edited by James Cameron

rohit SAYS,

There’s an aunt of mine who writes screenplays for television shows. Me and her have this constant dispute about scripts and technicality of films. I totally accept that a script is the life blood of any film, but, a maker should also be bothered about the technical portion of the film. At the end of the day, film (in essence) is an audio-visual media of narrating something.

An extension to the ‘lines above’ – “even after all the technical brilliance on the planet, Avatar fails to impress”.

A look at the 3 minute trailer of the film on YouTube will give you the best gist you can want for the film. If you don’t wanna do that, I’ll do my part – The film is about how humans want to exploit a certain part of planet ‘Pandora’ for a certain rare mineral. But the local population of Pandora (Na’vi) are not up for a deal of evacuating the place. So, the humans (referred to as ‘aliens’ in the film) come up with an Avatar programme. Wherein humans will be able to control Na’vi bodies. These controllable Na’vis or Avatars are made in human labs. The Avatars are then used to infiltrate the local colonies to learn about their culture and convince them to move out. However, if this method doesn’t succeed…it’s war.

Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is brought in for the programme as a replacement for his dead twin brother. Only people with similar DNA can control the Avatar programmed for them. Jake was an ex-marine and knows nothing about the Na’vi or Pandora.

The film’s not ‘no show’ all the way (After all, it’s Cameron right).

Jake’s Avatar running out after his new found legs, the wild life of Pandora, the graceful Na’vi and a few other chunks of the film were a relishing experience.

The way Cameron points out what humans have done to mother Earth and how the Na’vi respect their environment and also the attack on America’s cruel invasions were intelligent remarks to keep a note of.

The muscle man of this Cameron film is Stephen Lang (playing Colonel Miles) and he does impress.

The major downside clearly stands out to be the loose scripting . Cameron as a script writer tried to let his imagination run wild, but, ended up with bits and pieces of his old films and a few other epic films. The main plot is pretty similar to ‘Aliens’, the war parts and the ‘man vs animal’ pieces did seem like imitations (or extensions) ranging from ‘Jurassic Park’ to ‘Lord of the Rings’ and even ‘Apocalypse Now’. The guns, the machines, the artillery and the characters were all a reprisal from  Cameron’s previous films.

You  shouldn’t miss this, but, don’t expect overall brilliance. And DO NOT watch it in 2-D.

Rating – √√√ – for the 3-d version.

I would give a 2 on 5 for the 2-d version. Ya, I’ve seen that too.

Golden Globe nominations – Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Score and Best Original Song.

Oscar nominations – Best picture, Best director, Best art direction, Best cinematography, Best film editing, Best original score, Best sound editing, Best sound mixing and Best visual effects.


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One Response to – Avatar..2009

  1. anoora says:

    fare and aptly written review. What the hell is wrong with all those critics who gave 5 stars for the movie, did they loose their sanity,the movies which don’t have a good script should not be awarded 5 stars,thats only to begin with.The background score was unimpressive. Although I loved the performance of the Colonel Miles.

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