– The Fantastic, the good enough and the agonizing.

daskino SAYS,


“Film making should be an occupation and not a profession.”

A film is something that is made to satisfy one’s creative interests. If the film does well at the box office, everyone’s happy. If it doesn’t (like Naan Kadavul), who cares; you’ve made a classic and the audience were too dumb to not appreciate that. These are some of the best pieces of silver screen art this year. Forget this year; some of these are proud add ons to the library of ‘the best Indian films ever’.

Naan Kadavul / Nenu Devudni (Tam / Tel)

Dev D (Hin)

Kaminey (Hin)

Firaaq (Hin)

Love Aaj Kal (Hin)

Wake Up Sid (Hin)

99 (Hin)

Gulaal (Hin)

Ayan (Tam)

Ayan is the only film here which might seem a little out of place. But, if you were to make a so called ‘masala film’, Ayan is how you do it.

Good enough

All these films were a joy to watch, but, in the end none of these films were good enough to arrest its viewers completely. They had good scripts and all of them had honest technical interests, but, none had the complete package of brilliance.

13 B / Yavarum Nalam (Tam, Tel and Hindi)

Luck By Chance (Hin)

Arundathi (Tel)

Rocket Singh (Hin)

Prayanam (Tel)

Pasanga (Tam)

Little Zizou (Eng/Hin)

Quick Gun Murugan (Eng, Hin, Tel and Tam)

Arya 2 (Tel)

Nododigal (Tam)

3 Idiots (Hin)

Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu (Tam)


This column’s main endeavor is to point out the pseudo, non-sensical, big budgeted, money minded films with hardly any brains attached to them. Though there are other sorry films this year, Daskino’s thrust was to attack the major or widely advertised films.

Kick (Tel)

Kanthaswamy / Mallana (Tam / Tel)

Magadheera (Tel)

What’s your Rashee? (Hin)

Mahatma (Tel)

Vetaikaaran (Tam)

Jail (Hin)

Josh (Tel)

Saleem (Tel)

Aadhavan / Ghatikudu (Tam / Tel)

Billa (Tel)

And all 5 Akshay Kumar films this year (Hin).

I’m surprised as hell that some of these films have collected unimaginable sums of money. But the way I see them, they were all amateur attempts at film making. These are films made for all the wrong reasons.


About daskino

trying to use films and lines as an outlet to my disastrous sense of expression.
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7 Responses to – The Fantastic, the good enough and the agonizing.

  1. Tanay says:

    Nice selection. I don’t think to many people would disagree with it.

  2. daskino says:

    hope so…but i dont think thts gonna happen

  3. Srijana says:

    I seriously doubt your sensibility for keeping Firaaq in your list, love aaj kal is no where near to fantastic, but I completely agree with list of agonising movies – not very satisfied with the so called fantastic ones …

  4. daskino says:

    my reasons for firaaq are too many to type out and Love Aaj Kal is one of the best screenplays ever…in fact, it was so amazing that i had to cross check more than 3 websites to confirm tht Imitaz Ali wrote that. however, the two songs could have been avoided in Aaj Kal to give it the mature look

  5. srijana says:

    firaaq as a story had neither purpose,nor direction. the characters were self contradictory, and the characterization was confusing. yeah, i agree the screenplay was gripping, but that doesn’t save the movie.

  6. srijana says:

    your maverick taste is very evident in the choice of fantastic movies…keep the good work going

  7. daskino says:

    i cant make out whether the last comment was sarcastic…but, thank you for taking your time for the blog

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