– Sambho Siva Sambho..2010

Written and Directed by Samuthirakani

rohit SAYS,

This is that kind of a film you’ll like, but, falls short of making you love it. This comes under the genre of “may be the screws could have been tightened a little more”.

The film is a remake of the 2008 Tamil film ‘Naadodigal’. And unlike other remakes which have gone terribly wrong, this film had been saved because the production house was smart enough to rope in the same director for the remake.

The film is centered around three friends and how they help another friend elope with his college love. The trio (played by Ravi Teja, Allari Naresh and Siva Balaji) are childhood friends in a small town with their own ambitions and hurdles.

The writer had gone about establishing the premise slowly at his own pace until the film reaches the end of the first half. That’s when the film grabs you completely and arrests you in its spectacular action sequence. This sequence of the trio putting themselves on the line for their friend’s love is the goose bump scene which had not been available to South Indian cinema lately. The cinematography, the edit, the montage and everything else about this scene was nothing but ‘classy’.

However, the makers couldn’t carry the rhythm into the initial parts of the second half wherein the film’s pace had gone down drastically as the repercussions of the trio’s adventure are given out.

However, the couple for whom our protagonists almost killed themselves break up over petty fights. Realizing that their effort had ended up in futility, the three friends decide to kill the couple in the vague hope of teaching the world a lesson about love and friendship.

Clichés are few, but, not completely absent. The item number and a few other parts should’ve been avoided to keep it more elegant.

Watch it for Naresh, watch it for Ravi Teja and watch it for the passion with which this film is made.

Rating – √√√1/2 – cliches avoided, it’s a four starer.

trivia – there’s a character in the film who keeps appearing now and then on a motorcycle and helping the protagonists. He is the director of the film Samuthakarini.


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5 Responses to – Sambho Siva Sambho..2010

  1. Tanay says:

    How is the tamil one? Supposed to be the New Tamil Cinema and all…

  2. Tanay says:

    Just saw the movie yesterday… your review is spot on.

  3. daskino says:

    the Tamil version is more intense. Ravi Teja’s character looses his eye completely.

    And guess what…apparently the film is a commercial flop

  4. daskino says:

    the tamil one was one of the biggest hits last year

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