– Ishqiya..2010

Directed by Abhishek Chaubey

Co-written, co-produced and music composed by Vishal Bharadwaj

rohit SAYS,

One way of getting angry:

You watch a film’s trailer and it promises brilliance. You’ve heard of the producer/composer/writer’s name and his past association with brilliance. You know the actors and their past performances that had stayed back with the audience for years together. You go to the theater one day in advance and book the tickets for that film and when you go to watch the film, you realize that more than half the theater is empty. Now, that’s one way of getting angry.

But, the wit of the film’s disclaimer itself can drive away all your anger and starts doing what a good film does, sucking you into it. Abhishek Chaubey’s Ishqiya is a bold film that doesn’t shy away from the premise reality of Uttar Pradesh even for a second (ch_tiya sulphate).

As the trailer tells us – the film is centered around three people, sex, crime and a load of humor. Jija’s (Vidya Balan) husband is a naxalite on the brim of quitting the secret life and after the first scene – a slow conversation about surrendering, Jija is widowed by a gas cylinder explosion.

A few minutes later Babban and Khalu (Arshard Warsi and Naseruddin Shah) arrive at Jija’s place on their fleeing mission from a money lender with a bag of 20 lakh rupees. With plans to escape to Nepal they need a place to stay for 4 days. Jija tells them that a 4 day stay wouldn’t bother her, but, what the the crooks didn’t know is Jija’s actual intension.

Babban’s visit to a Bhopal whore house ends up in a turmoil and brings the duo’s escape plans back to square one. But, this time Jija joins them on a mission to kidnap one of Bhopal’s millionaires and demand enough ransom to gladden all their lives. The Jija-Babban sexual tension and the breezy romance of Jija and Khalu keeps you on your thought train in the ‘what’s coming next’ compartment.

As Vishal Bharadwaj had done in the past, a bunch of new and not often seen talents have come to life in this new venture of his. Amongst half a dozen of such talents the Nepali actor Gauri Malla, the young Alok Kumar and Salman Shahid are the ones that stand out.

Please, please, please watch this and you can have a great time at the cost of the makers’ brilliance.

Rating – √√√1/2 – @ rated fun

I don’t have to tell you about the soundtrack in particular. It is Vishal Bharadwaj and it stays Vishal Bharadwaj.


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