– Aarathil Oruvan / Uganiki Okaadu..2010

Written and Directed by Selvaraghavan

rohit SAYS,

Kubrick’s ‘Clockwork Orange’, Arnofsky’s ‘PI’ and Oliver Stone’s ‘Natural Born Killers’ are a few cases of filmmakers going all out to show the people what kind of insanity runs through their minds. What all of these and other cult status enjoying silver screen insanities have in common are ‘solid scripts’. And SelvaRaghavan’s latest outing has a script that’s half insane and half pseudo.

The film is fictionally based on the war between the Cholas and Pandyas. With the latter trying to completely erase off the other. So, according to Raghava’s fiction after the Pandya’s have completely ruined the Chola kingdom, the kid prince of the Cholas along with few of his people had fled to a place which is unknown to any historian even to date. And the only archaeologist to get anywhere near that hidden settlement is the father of Mouni played by Andrea Jeremiah.

After this mysterious disappearance of the famous archaeologist, the head of the archeology department Anitha (Reema Sen) sets up a team to find out the hidden secrets of this so called secret settlement of the Cholas and she offers Mouni a place in the risky expedition. The film’s best performer and the head of the small time workers of the ship is Karthi playing Muthu.

Soon enough the team realizes that the road to their destination is filled with all sorts of snags from attacks of primitive tribes to tricky quick sands to massive snake onslaughts.  After losing half their team and getting separated from the rest of the crew Mouni, Anitha and Anji arrive at what they’ve set out for. But, arriving there is hardly the end to their journey.

This settlement protected by the souls of the dead Cholas drives them crazy and takes them to the caves nearby where what nobody had expected awaits them.

Watching Raghava going mad with his script was sheer pleasure until the interval. But, beyond the first segment the madness was either badly scripted or was badly shot. Whatever the reasons, a film that starts out with a classic filmmaking promise ends up being a pretentious attempt. Karthi’s performance and a bunch of lunatic scenes are the ones that impress which again were shadowed by the prolonged uncooked second half.

The film’s blemishes – Reema Sen, half of the soundtrack, a badly researched primitive portrayal of ancient India and too many action sequences which the film’s budget clearly couldn’t afford.

Rating – √√1/2 – enjoy it for as long as you can and the minute you find that something’s wrong with the film…leave.


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5 Responses to – Aarathil Oruvan / Uganiki Okaadu..2010

  1. Ajayspi says:

    Budddy this movie has an excellent Screenplay , , all the audience are really exited about the next scene ,Sound tracks really rock . . . .

  2. daskino says:

    even i’m not sure whether its the screenplay or the capability of shooting whats written that had ruined the second half…

    the soundtrack was good for 2 songs, but, the background score was amateur.

  3. srijana says:

    good job man….looks like really had a lot of expectations from the movie, and finally got truly and thoroughly disappointed…
    but anyway,a very balanced writing

  4. srijana says:

    i personally felt, the moment he resorted to the cheap publicity of showcasing the verbal, rather vulgar fight of the two girls ,the director had completely lost the game..he realised nothing much to catch the attention and that was really a desperate move

  5. daskino says:

    i don’t think that’s when he gave up…Selva as it is, is not full of class…his quality had always been much better than your usual masala director and yet a far distance from your ‘real’ ‘intense’ filmmakers.

    Gautham Menon is also is the same league if we were to point out where he lies

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