– A Serious Man…2009

An old lady to a bunch of kids: “Once upon a time, in a town called Hollywood there were 5 guys. 2 serious writers, a serious composer, a se____ editor and a s_____ painter…From what the neighbors say, some of their best works were things they’ve made when everyone else was sleeping. The composer had gone wild with his music, the painter had sketched something vivid, the editor made an insane cut that was talked about for years to come and the two writers just let their pen flow on paper and the magic of story telling kept flowing until something Coenly brilliant was born out of it. Whether this happened so or not, don’t know. But, I would like to believe so. Why spoil the magic with grown-up thought right?”

rohit SAYS,

And this year this ‘stereo typical fairy tale of a brilliant writer’ was brought to life, again, by the Coen brothers.

From the prolonged amateur fairy tale above you already know that this is gonna be one review where it’s ‘all hail the Coens’…and also Michael Sthulburg.

Set in the late sixties in a Jewish society the film is certainly a lot more than it meets the eye. The kind of themes the script has chosen can be held together only by the more mature film watcher. Larry Gobnik (Michael Sthulburg) is a college professor with two kids. The college, the grades of students, his daughter’s teen obsessions, his marital breakup and his troubled brother form Larry’s little world.

Within this little world of his, a lot of things, unfortunately all at the same time start falling out. For an average Jewish American this just proves to be too much. The way the film goes about slowly destroying Larry’s world, bit by bit, is the most exceptional part of it.

And if you are looking for the film’s plot,  you are looking at the wrong review. I want everyone to enjoy the complete brilliance of the brother directors.

Don’t look for other reviews, don’t read the film’s Wikipedia page and do not interact with people that have already seen the film. Just watch it when you can (the quicker the better) and bask in the glory of spectacular storytelling.

Rating – √√√√1/2 – one hell of movie, seriously

Oscar nominations – Best picture and Best original screenplay.


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  1. anoora says:

    well said

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