– An Education..2009

rohit SAYS,

We don’t often realize that Indian cinema (most of it) is not the only brainless thing on the movie making planet. One close mate ours is English cinema (British cinema). They are way ahead of us on qualitative scale, but, its just a comparison. Like calling Shankar the James Cameron of India. Looking at that on a general scale would seem like utter stupidity. Shankar is a masala movie freak and Cameron is a scientist/director/tech genius.But, look at that from single point perspectives. Both of them make high grossing films…most of their scripts follow similar patterns they’ve created…and a few other similarities can be drawn.

And the resemblance we have with ‘British cinema’ is our films catering to only the local audiences. Then again, just like we have a few, even the Britishers have a few that have international appeal and one of them is their latest Oscar nomination – An Education.

Directed by Lone Scherfig

Written by Nick Hornby based on Lynn Barber’s memoir

Set in the 60’s England, the film tells the tale of a young girl stuck between a future at Oxford and her first love. Jenny (played by Carrey Mulligan) is one her classes’ brightest academic students and also someone who plays the cello and can appreciate art. Jack Miller (Jenny’s father played by Alfred Molina) is a typical British father who wants to send his girl to Oxford so that she gets to be in the upper cream of society. He’s least bothered about what Jenny can achieve otherwise with such a prestigious degree.

Comes along David (played by Peter Sarsgaard) who is much older than Jenny but after a few accidental encounters proves to her that he is beyond a perfect match for her. After David introduces Jenny to orchestral music, auctions and Paris; Jenny decides to let go her future at Oxford for David.

What has Jenny’s father to say about the charming David, what truth has David’s life yet to reveal and how Jenny gets into an opinion war with her favorite teacher is what you’ll have to see.

An agile screenplay and the nominated performances did their best and the film went on to be Oscar material.

Rating – √√√√ – Academy nominated for Best picture, Best actress and Best adapted screenplay .

BAFTA wins – Best Actress


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