– Twice is better than once

Screen shots of the ibnlive.com’s winners declaring page..

A mighty thanks to the ten or so dedicated readers and also the other 40 occasional visitors. You guys have kept this blog alive. Danke.


About daskino

trying to use films and lines as an outlet to my disastrous sense of expression.
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7 Responses to – Twice is better than once

  1. srijana says:

    kudos….great writing…seriously…u have a real captivating narrative style…wish u could concentrate on writing more than making….all the best

  2. anil kumar says:

    congrats buddy i hope you win really tough movie quiz also.

  3. daskino says:

    @srijana…the guy who made me start this blog also keeps sayin tht..may be its time to take him and u seriously.thank u.

    @anil..thanx buddy

  4. vmk says:

    allupu lekunda pogidinchukuntunav gaaaa….!!

  5. daskino says:

    ‘siggulekunda’ ante inka bavundediga

  6. avin says:

    mamu…nu keaka…………………….nee yabba site mottham surf cheyalante …….3 days padthadi anukunta kadaraaaaaaaaaa

  7. daskino says:

    thanks mamu..n keep visiting the blog

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