– When can a filmmaker break down?

rohits SAYS,

For explaining this hypothesis I would like to take 2 directors as my X and Y. First, I would like to use the career of B.Gopal as an example. Gopal’s got quite a few hits (purely on a commercial scale) to his name. What happens to most of these stereo typical movie directors – only when all the so called commercial elements fall in place as a result of the effort of mediocre technicians is when they deliver a hit. Their work is merely that of an event manager and absolutely no creativity is at work. That’s why they fall into the abyss of failure even after a few mega hits. Simply because managing the same event every time bores even the most dumbest audience.

My ‘Y’ is Bollywood director Chandan Arora. The guy has an amazing narrative capability and is also well versed technically. So, coming back to our basic question, a filmmaker can breakdown when he manages to pull off a near perfect film like ‘Striker’ and the film spends less than a week at the theaters and even the critics fail to see the film’s genius.

Directed by Chandan Arora

Written by C Arora and Sunita Rajwar. Cinematography by P S Vinod

The film starts with Mumbai ’92 and keeps going back and forth between the present and Surya’s (Siddharth) life from his childhood onwards. Surya is a part of a simple ghetto family. After spending some time with his elder brother Surya develops a fascination for the game of caroms. With his brother’s help he goes on to win the national juniors championship.

After that he gets busy with life and the board game remains to be a thing of his past until his buddy (Zaid played by Ankur Vikal) re-introduces him to a carom club wherein the game is played for money. And suddenly the local mafia, bookies and large sums of money all become a part of his life. Surya doesn’t mind the set up until it messes with his dream of going to Dubai.

The riots of 1992, the much feared local bhai (Jaleel played by Aditya Pancholi), Zaid’s drug addiction and the two girl episodes are the other main chapters of the film. The concept of life moves on (even if a girl is missed out on), Padmapriya playing a bar owner in the ghetto, unbelievable performances from Siddharth and Ankur Vikal and the super soundtrack composed by 6 different musicians are my picks of the film’s best.

To me this is a film comparable to Scorsese’s ‘Color of Money’.

Rating – √√√√ – You can pay your respects to this under appreciated piece of art by buying its DVD.

(on a pleasant note) The film did gross a handsome profit on account of being the first film to be released on YouTube.


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1 Response to – When can a filmmaker break down?

  1. anil kumar says:

    i felt the movie is bit slow and as performances Ankur Vikal and siddharth were fantastic.

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