– How to Train Your Dragon..2010

Directed by Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois

Written by C Sanders, D Deblois, Peter Tolan and Adam F Goldberg

Story by Cressida Cowell

rohit SAYS,

Martin Scorsese had described how overpowering silver screen images can be in his speech after receiving the Golden Globe for lifetime achievement. And he had talked about Cecil B. DeMille’s ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ in particular. He had said that the larger than life images of that film were too much to handle for the school boy Martin.

And such similar experiences for our generation are the bicycles passing the moon in E.T, the mighty ship going down the Atlantic, the final battle for middle Earth in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ and a few others. I really hoped that ‘Avatar’ was gonna do something similar. But, the Cameron screenplay was just not good enough to match its visual excellence. Whatever Avatar had promised is now delivered by Dreamworks and this dragon tale will be one of the greatest cinema experiences of your life.

The film is set in a small Viking village. Dragons keep raiding this village for food supplies on a regular basis and dragon slaying is an important and much respected profession of the village. The film’s protagonist (Hiccup – his name) is the son of the village chief (Stoick) and wants to preserve his family’s legacy of slaying.

However, Hiccup does not have the physical built to slay dragons, but, is someone who understands the dynamics of physics and carpentry. The film opens on a night of yet another dragon-Viking battle. In all the chaos and confusion Hiccup brings out his new invention (a dragon capturing canon) and with a little luck gets hold of one of the rarest dragons – Night Fury. Night Fury is the only dragon of which the Viking dragon manual has no physical description of. This dragon crashes into the woods and fails to fly away even after hiccup cuts down its leash because of the damaged tail wing.

As the days pass on Hiccup befriends the dragon, names her ‘Toothless’,helps her fly again and learns about the ways of the dragons. He realizes that the Vikings have been wrong all along and dragons are not the ferocious creatures they seem like. He also learns that all the dragons have their own boss to answer to and they don’t raid the village for their own hunger.

Stoick’s ambition to find and destroy the dragon nest and the dragon slaying classes Hiccup attends regularly with the other ambitious kids of the village run parallelly.

The screenplay is super tight and super funny, the hiccup-toothless episodes are combination of brilliant writing and a visual that pays its respects to that and visually the film goose bumps you for more than you can ever imagine.

Description of a great cinema experience – gather the audiences in a theater, switch off to darkness and arrest them to the experience we fondly refer to as CINEMA.

Rating – √√√√√ – This is that experience.

Watch it in 3-d only.

Music by John Powell and Edited by Darren T Holmes


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2 Responses to – How to Train Your Dragon..2010

  1. sai says:

    this is cinema at its finest..!! the 3-d was crazy,and my god,the MUSIC when hiccup releases toothless from the ropes and it attacks him…WOW!!

  2. daskino says:

    “cinema at its finest”…i second tht

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