– Cultural influences – comparable?

rohit SAYS,

After spending quite some time at the cinemas and after a major chunk of the movie audience had seen the film, ‘A Clockwork Orange’ had been withdrawn from the British theaters after more than 70 cases of violent behavior being recorded with the British police. And what all of these cases had in common was each one of these 70 plus incidents have been inspired by Kubrick’s vision of the future – A Clockwork Orange. And enough Wikipedia reading also told me that Kubrick was very sad about this sort of an influence.

Now, lets come down all the way to the land of Telugu and the it’s films. Writer / Directors like Puri Jagannath, Trivikram Srinivas and a few others have been a major influence on the language of the people here. The ever confident and machismo lines that appear in Puri’s films have become a part of every Telugu’s routine vocabulary. The films of Trivikram and Seenu Vaitla are another example of this ‘never before seen’ influence on the routine joke that’s part of every little group of people. Not only do people recite these lines every now and then, but, also try to stress the syllables to imitate their superstars.

On one side we have this world renowned master of films named Stanley and across the table are a bunch of people who most critics (real ones) don’t even consider as filmmakers. One had inspired people towards crime and the other bunch have become an essential part of the lighter moods.

Are these influences in any way comparable ?


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