– PJ’s Golimaar..2010

Rating – √√√√ – E commercial screenplay bole tho aisa.

Puri J makes a comeback worthy of remembrance.

My review for this film can be found at:



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5 Responses to – PJ’s Golimaar..2010

  1. vidura says:

    Puri Jannath = obsessed with undercover cops….

    Gopi Chand = i saw a star and an actor too

    Priyamani = din like her

    ALI = AWESOME…..

    this movie is a freaking cocktail….in this movie u’ll see other movies like sivamani ,ek niranjan ,gharshana (then new one directed by gowtam) & especially pokiri… puri need to get over UNDERCOVER COPS…… just FYI, the the roof was in the sky when ali enterd (it was in prasads) din hear that much cheer even for Gopi Chand

  2. daskino says:

    the film was just too quick to make complaints about…as long as the film runs at a such a pace I don’t mind the similarity in plots.

    how come people don’t complain about plot similarities when it comes to foreign directors?

  3. vidura says:

    which foreign directors are u talking about??

  4. daskino says:

    Tarantino for instance, the style of filmmaking remains pretty similar in a bunch of his films. The only thing that changes is the premise.

  5. vidura says:

    we do not complain about his (quintin tarantino) movies because hes good at what he does…. at-lest me cuz i like blood in moviez

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