– Udaan..2010

Directed by Vikramadiya Motwane

Written by Vikram M and Anurag Kashyap

Music by Amit Trivedi

rohit SAYS,

I was not very sure of giving out a genuine review for this film. It was the glitz of the Cannes selection and my respect for Anurag Kashyap which might have ruined this review. However, a few minutes and laughs into the film, all I could do or otherwise put, all I couldn’t do was not to get sucked into the wonderful drama of UDAAN.

Like the makers kept telling, the film is a simple tale of conflicting career ideas amidst a boy and his bossy father (BhairavSingh played by Ronit Roy). Rohan (played by Rajat Barmecha) and his group of friends get expelled from a prestigious boarding school in the first scene, all for the sake of a porn film. Thus, Rohan comes back to his motherless home after 8 long years. It’s been scripted that Rohan hadn’t met or seen his father in these years and to further add to the drama, the dad had remarried and is now father to a 6 year old (Arjun played byAayan Boradia) too. The second wife had died in child birth and Singh’s already annoyed life is further pushed towards the ‘breaking point’ with Rohan’s expulsion.

On goes Rohan’s story with constant disputes with his father about his ambitions and his father’s plan of what he thinks is the ‘right thing’ to do. The way the Rohan-Arjun relationship matures, the well sketched scenes between Rohan and his uncle (Singh’s younger, not so successful brother) and the liquor episodes with the seniors of Rohan’s engineering college keep the unhurried screenplay float along.

Towards the end when all of Rohan’s anguish is brought out with a punch to his father’s face and the ‘run for azaadiyan’ that follows are the sort of moments which have placed this film on the Cannes stage.

Plenty of humor to savor, some of the best suited montages, the numerous character layers and incredible performances from every single actor are what make this film a must watch.

Rating – √√√ – a drama that can give you the goose bumps, a rare case people.


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1 Response to – Udaan..2010

  1. anil kumar says:

    This year’s best movie till date and what makes UDAAN so special that every teenager can identify himself in the character(Rohan) like stealing money from father’s purse and watching porn.It’s very realistic and immediately transports you in the drama inspite of it’s leisure pace and it’s narration.

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