– What happened in 2010?

rohit SAYS,

Must watch.

Love Sex aur Dhoka* (Hindi)

Udaan * (Hindi)

Nandalala (Tamil)

Road, Movie (Hindi)

Dabangg (Hindi)

Raktha Charithra 1 and 2 (Telugu)

Peepli Live (Hindi)

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (Tamil)

‘ *’ for classics.

Can watch.

Ishqiya (Hindi)

Shambho Shiva Shambo (Telugu)

Yem Maaya Chesave (Telugu)

Striker (Hindi)

Karthik calling Karthik (Hindi)

Raavanan/Vilain (Tamil / Telugu)

Vedam (Telugu)

Well done Abba (Hindi)

Golimaar (Telugu)

Phas Gaya re Obama (Hindi)

Rann (Hindi)

And the rest are avoidable without the thought of a second thought.

And also, a very important amendment to the list of last year is ‘Gulaal’ moving up from ‘Good Enough’ to ‘The Fantastic’, missed on judging that film in one watch.

For those of you who don’t know, two of our films – ‘Udaan’ and ‘Peepli Live’ have made it to the Cannes and Sundance film festivals respectively. PROUD.

Suggestions about films I might have missed out on are welcome.


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trying to use films and lines as an outlet to my disastrous sense of expression.
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8 Responses to – What happened in 2010?

  1. anil kumar says:

    I think Ishqiya should also be in the category of must watch

  2. daskino says:

    Thought about that for a while, its actually somewhere between ‘must’ and ‘can’.

  3. irfan says:

    tere bin laden stands out for its humour..pitch that too.
    raavan is a must watch..for being by far the best cinema shot this year and for mani’s attempt to say in these times a man like raavan might have a conscience and ram isn’t that perfect man afterall..
    for we telegu people how can dabangg be a must watch..its just another puri type hindi movie.
    ‘leader’ is a decent and nice attempt this year..so i guess it can be watched..
    all in all nice list there mate

  4. daskino says:

    which part does ‘Tere Bin Laden’ belong to?

    Loved ‘Vilain’ when I first saw it, may be that was just the visual thing taking over me. When I watched it again, the argument seemed appealing enough and also Vikram’s performance. On the whole, didn’t impress me the way a great film would when you watch it a second time.

    • irfan says:

      tere bin laden-can watch

      mani’s obsession with the camera was what i took home and the argument indeed..well ya i think it should land in ‘can watch’

      dabangg-paisa vasool agreed..must watch..i guess i dont think so.

      leader was the only telugu movie i saw apart from rajini’s opus..when i watched it i felt the director didnt underate or atleast didnt take audience’s intellectual for granted..liked a few lines..amatureish..yes indeed..all his films are..

  5. daskino says:

    ‘Dabangg’ showed us how much of a difference a new kind of visual, cut, score and aesthetics can do to the masala screenplay and also Sallu killed it. Included ‘Dabangg’ for the same reason of including ‘Ayan’ last year.

    If I were to include ‘Leader’ I would have to make a new category of ‘films to be banned’. It was a devastatingly amateur attempt at a genre the maker or the crew had no idea about and being the star kid’s debut it was further ruined by all the dads and uncles.

  6. anil kumar says:

    you should also come up with the list of worst films.i think the list would be endless.

  7. daskino says:

    That’s exactly why I didn’t bother with that list this time.

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