– Oka cigarette kritam..2011

rohit SAYS,

Please have a high volume level on your PC while watching this.  Made with the intension of telling a story using sound, predominantly.

One cigarette ago (the subs version)



About daskino

trying to use films and lines as an outlet to my disastrous sense of expression.
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18 Responses to – Oka cigarette kritam..2011

  1. Tanay says:

    Is that the sound of a ceiling fan? Its killer!

    The editing is neat…

    Very nicely done!

  2. shyamtejakona says:

    i love the sound editing….pin point editing….can i know the specs of the camera u used to shot this doc??
    nice job….thumbs up bro
    my rating
    4.5/5 for sound editing work
    4/5 for camera work
    5/5 for nativity and natural light work
    on the whole 4/5 for script work and concept

  3. daskino says:

    @Tanay – Glad that someone observed. The sound designer’s a pretty big guy, did films like Magadheera.

    Thanks man.

  4. daskino says:

    @Shyam – Thank you mate. You into films in any department?

    Thank you for all the observations, means a lot.

  5. anoora says:

    That middle class son of a bitch saved 50 bucks at the end of his fuck. Very true, when a middle class man overspends then he has to give up certain pleasures in future. 57 seconds of enligtenment….. I take a bow to the concept.

  6. daskino says:

    Thanks for bowing. I would like it if you re-analysed the situation, for me.

  7. Shruthi says:

    Nice work!
    i could have dropped in more review if i had clue on these clips.. anyways let me try.. good focus on sound!..and conceptwise ..men are men!striving to make a perfect budget and yet again they fail in analysis of a proper priority chart!

  8. daskino says:

    Quite the analysis, don’t face too many female perspectives usually.

    Good to know and thanks for watching.

  9. SIddhartha says:

    Good Effort 🙂 & Keep going 🙂
    Nice concept by the way..!

  10. anil kumar says:

    nice concept mixing budget with pleasure 🙂

  11. srijana says:

    for a second….i thought why only this aspect of the budget was highlighted to make an impact…thought if it was the desperation on the part of the conceiver….but i realize a sec later that as animals, pleasure is the only aspect that we humans prioritize more as it keeps us near to the nature…which is necessary for the IMPACT
    good work raja….i personally would appreciate a little lengthier version if not for ur preoccupation with the short is sweet funda!!!!!!

  12. daskino says:

    @Srijana – a lot of friends have also suggested a little stretch in the length. The man who wrote this story had won a competition in which you are supposed to write a story on a post card and from the time I’ve heard it from him, I’ve never envisaged it to be anything longer than a minute and this way I can also pose to be an intelligent filmmaker coz most people don’t get it in one watch.

    As always, thanks for the patient comments.

  13. AAJ says:

    Ah, yes. The requisite post-coital ciggy.

    The editing is tight. Lighting is stark, i.e. great. Good timing on the story too. With everyone moaning and groaning (pun-intended) about the increase in living costs, something as essential as fun/pleasure is quickly shoved into the ‘extra’ category.

    Good choice for length – anything longer would just belabour the point, IMHO.

    Love the rhythm set by the fan. It gives the sequence a metronomic beat that fills in the unsaid and unseen very nicely.

    Not bad, not bad at all!!! 🙂

  14. daskino says:

    Great, I find someone else who understands the length of it.

    “anything longer would just belabour the point”. Exactly.

    Thank you for watching and for all the observations. Danke.

  15. suhaas says:

    very nice ra…sound editing chala baagundhi…atb for ur future projects….
    PS:try making something of a longer duration this time….

  16. daskino says:

    Longer films take a long time to finish. In the amateur circuit its hard to make a quality film and of long durations.

  17. Abhinav says:

    Brilliant,Short n Smart. where he says manga don’t come second time this month then hearing this she looses her saree…brilliant
    good editing n sound design

  18. daskino says:

    Thanks mate.

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