– Cannot think of a cheaper vacation.

rohit SAYS,

127 hours – Danny boy’s back in the ‘Trainspotting’ mode. Plenty of abstract available and the best part was experiencing Rahman work with Boyle’s crazy visions, away from his usual clean cinema.

Black Swan – Watch it if you can afford to give away at least half a day to get out of the chaos Arnofsky throws at you. A must watch for anybody with that option.

The Fighter – ‘Raging bull’ is no longer the ‘boxing film’ champ. The film’s got the look of an indie (independent film), with the content of a classic and performances of the “Awe!” rank. Sub-urban realism at the next level, the kind of stuff I greatly enjoy. Watch it and tell me if we are any similar.

Inception – review available at https://daskino.wordpress.com/2010/07/17/inception-2010/

The Kids Are All Right – Great original writing to experience. Originality of the premise is what makes every conversation and every single moment seem new and attractive. Mark Ruffalo’s nomination seemed almost too easy to guess.

The King’s Speech – Firth and Rush create the 1930s more effectively than any of the sets. The director’s handled some of the historic characters (Churchill for instance) almost like people he knew too well. 12 nominations right, what’s the point of me typing out about the other departments.

The Social Network – Great script comes to a director with finesse, the kind of combo that irritates the ‘Inception’ fans. When every single scene is so written, someone like Fincher finds it easy to go in for the kill. Actors just make it easier.

Toy Story 3 – Great films needn’t necessarily be intensely abstract, highly political or any other such of the extremist genres. It can just be good clean fun from ingenious writers and meticulous filmmakers/animators. Great great great film.

True Grit

Winter’s Bone

Was yet to watch the last two films when this idea popped up. Yet to visit the Coens and this new director who had made Winter’s Bone (a lady) and the excitement I had to watch the film planned for tonight (i.e. 1st February, 2011) was worth posting on the blog.

A disturbed day once or twice or otherwise my plan to finish watching the films in the ‘Best Picture’ category in a 10 day run was going shockingly as planned. And I keep telling people not watch ‘films of content’ at a hurried pace, a day at least between two films. The intimate details your day shares with the minds involved in making that film is what makes it special.

And the excitement after 8 films down is as good as the 10 film post. Try giving this 10 film exercise a shot (at your own pace) and the slower the better. The ‘Dark side of the moon’ routine (only one way that’ll work out), similar crisis – different solution.

Canyons, varied versions of sub-urbanism, Harvard University, legendary toys, cowboys, England from the 30s, ballet dancers…all this in just less than 10 films. I cannot think of a cheaper vacation.


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2 Responses to – Cannot think of a cheaper vacation.

  1. anil kumar says:

    Every film is really unique from it’s own and the movie which really made excited was 127 hours . This time in oscar’s i need a surprise in best actor category and it should go to james franco.

  2. daskino says:

    You NEED a surprise, that’s a nice way to put it. Let’s hope you are surprised.

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