– What will they look like?

An answer to not arrive at. What will my (or ‘your’ in case of any filmmakers reading this) films look like?

Arrival is the death of obsession and I’ve never seen a great film from anybody on the other side. Not totally denying the theory here, imagining one’s final output (which my amateur alter believes will be the greatest films ever made) is and should be a filmmaker’s favorite pastime. Up on the canvas that people so maniacally believe in, that creating a silhouette half way through would need a brave or (the more common) stupid soul.

The silver canvas is the deity with changing colors and voices.

The tone of your films, the sound that compliments the on screen chaos, the addictive smaller details, the almighty wand that creates a sequence and that number to which a filmmaker’s existence is profoundly indebted. 24. Understanding the prominence of which is one of the most important triggers that kill you to be reborn in obsession land. It is the hatchet that’ll help you dig your own grave only to reveal that the grave goes deeper and deeper.

The more you know about how to get there, the harder you find it to stay away from narcotics. It is all too much, too many people, too many minds to connect with, lakhs of brain waves to be dealt with and the saddest drill is the thought of trying to connect (convince) with an organ that’s a brain in name only and which probably thinks the same about yours.

Not telling you to not kill yourself. The ‘O’ land with its passage through the grave is magic beyond all else. Maybe it is the bitter thought of trying to match the other magicians that makes me say all this.

What will they look like? I’m still digging.

rohit SAID.


About daskino

trying to use films and lines as an outlet to my disastrous sense of expression.
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