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– Nuvvu Pyaar, Mein aur Prema.

rohit SAYS, Everybody loves to believe that they have a great aesthetic sense. And most of us already know that we don’t (have the aesthetics) in the occasional dead companionship of self. But, one of the more popular jobs that … Continue reading

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– What happened in 2010?

rohit SAYS, Must watch. Love Sex aur Dhoka* (Hindi) Udaan * (Hindi) Nandalala (Tamil) Road, Movie (Hindi) Dabangg (Hindi) Raktha Charithra 1 and 2 (Telugu) Peepli Live (Hindi) Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (Tamil) ‘ *’ for classics. Can watch. Ishqiya (Hindi) Shambho … Continue reading

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– Rock in India

vyas SAYS, Origins of Rock and Metal Music in India. Rock music scene in India is extremely small when compared to the film or fusion scenes. Rock in India has its origins in the early 60’s and 70’s when international … Continue reading

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– Dramatization.

rohit SAYS, Watch a highly intense political drama like Gavras’s ‘Missing’ and then watch one of our own masala films. The difference between the arty and commercial films is a very thin line. Was watching Sukumar’s Jagadam the other day … Continue reading

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– Inception..2010

Written and directed by Christopher Nolan rohit SAYS, What to tell? Ho do I sum up in words what I’ve been subjected to? Is there any chance of coming up with a written article that’s worthy of the masterpiece I’ve … Continue reading

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– Cultural influences – comparable?

rohit SAYS, After spending quite some time at the cinemas and after a major chunk of the movie audience had seen the film, ‘A Clockwork Orange’ had been withdrawn from the British theaters after more than 70 cases of violent … Continue reading

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– Some of the greatest cuts

rohit SAYS, Mr. X gets a call from his girl friend Ms.Y to come and pick her up at the airport. Cut ‘X’ is waiting outside the airport on his bike as ‘Y’ joins him and they ride out into … Continue reading

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– The Fantastic, the good enough and the agonizing.

daskino SAYS, Fantastic “Film making should be an occupation and not a profession.” A film is something that is made to satisfy one’s creative interests. If the film does well at the box office, everyone’s happy. If it doesn’t (like … Continue reading

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